Rise from the ashes

Today is the birthday celebrates the legendary Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke. His career had its ups and downs: One day, he even disappeared from a great movie. We have compiled a top-five actors who disappeared from the screen, but then returned triumphantly.

Mickey Rourke Rourke This success has brought participation in the erotic melodrama "9 weeks with ½" in which he starred as a seductive guy, John. The actor starred in a pair of similar paintings: "Wild Orchid" and "Out in the red." The role, which summed up the glorious period in the film career Rourke was the work in the movie "Bullet" - in this film the actor appeared to him in a familiar way, because at that time he himself had problems with drugs. Further career Mickey Rourke did not develop very well: he played in the second-class fighters.

Return the actor had in 2008: Rourke really loud again announced himself in the movie "The Wrestler", which brought the actor in the category of the most popular stars. So, in 2010, many of his films became hits: "Iron Man 2," "Thirteen," "The Expendables».

Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Iron Arnie" made famous by the cult film "The Terminator." However, in 2003, Schwarzenegger won the election for governor of California, making it impossible to participate in any filming.

The first film after his return to the cinema becomes "The Expendables 2". Now Arnie diligently removed: in the future Scheduled 7 new paintings, among which the "Terminator 5" .Veteran militants Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about restarting the cult film 80 "Toxic Avenger". 65-year-old actor has already discussed the project with director Steve Pink, known by the fantastic comedy "Hot Tub Time Machine».

Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren - an actress of great beauty. It was the first winner of the Oscar for Best Actress in the film in a foreign language "Chochara." Legendary film star has played in more than a hundred films. But in the second half of the 1970s Loren more rarely appears in the movie, and since 1984 its role and become completely isolated.

The actress returned to the big cinema in 2009, played in the film "Nine" director Rob Marshall's famous.

Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal - actor with a stern exterior, filming in action movies. His heroes - strong and self-confident guys who know how to stand up for themselves. Real glory brought Segal movie "Under Siege" and "death defying". However, in 1998, Segal delved into Buddhism. He was even recognized as the reincarnation of the famous teacher from Tibet Chordena George. After this discovery the actor had to abandon the movies where there is a death or violence. Therefore, at the same time he had to break some contracts.

Only three years later, the world again heard about Steven Seagal, he became the producer of the film called "The Prince of Central Park." This was followed by shooting in the films "Exit Wounds", "clockwork", "Alien" and "neither alive nor dead».

John Travolta
The success of John Travolta brought participate in the musical "Saturday Night Fever" and "Grease" is made from the actor idol of youth disco era. Later Travolta changing roles: played at the legendary Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction».

After the death of his son in 2009, Travolta ceases to act. Only three years later on the screen comes the film with his participation "especially dangerous».



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