Lost Hong Kong

Who Hong Kong associated with double-decker trams; The huge planes sitting down in the center of the city and the famous fortress city of Kowloon; I want to upset you, all this is gone.

Only the trams, the slums were demolished in the early '90s, and the airport was closed Kai Tak Airport in 1998.

All this can only recall the photos, what you and I propose to do.


01. "Kai Tak" was founded in 1922, there were not any skyscrapers.

02. The city grew and soon the airport was almost in the very center.

03. The location of the airport is surrounded by high hills and close to the water, as well as the availability of residential buildings in the immediate vicinity airport "Kai Tak" was considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world, and landing aircraft at the airport looked very spectacular in his mind extremeness.

04. Sunset on the runway due to its complexity and entertainment gained worldwide fame. Reducing the point was made on the outside of the airport in the north-east over the busiest port and populated areas. Complete rotation on the landing course was carried out on the landmark, combined with a middle marker. At this point, at a distance of 3, 7 km from touchdown crew had to perform a U-turn at 47 °. Usually the entrance to the right turn was carried out at an altitude of about 200 meters, and direct access to the preplant - 40 meters.


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