How are the flight attendants in 36 countries

Have you, dear friends, fly a plane? Surely at least once had - on vacation, for example, or on a business trip. But some have to make flights every day or at least several times a week. Guess who I mean? Of course, a flight attendant, without which the flight would have been much worse in every way.
I suggest you see the flight attendants look like in 36 countries. We are offering not only different countries but also different airlines - from budget to luxury. Total 45 pictures from 45 airlines.
United Arab Emirates, Emirates Airlines

United Arab Emirates, Ethiad Airlines

02 United States, Pan American World Airlines 95,370,978

03 South Korea, Korean Air

South Korea, T'way Airlines

04 Belgium, Brussels Airlines

05 Canada, Porter Airlines

06 Brazil, Azul Brazilian Airlines


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