Hungry baboons

Residents of one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Africa are faced with a serious problem - starving baboons were not only to attack them on the street, but also rob the house.

In the struggle waged by the people of South Africa together and baboons, both sides prefer to guerrilla tactics. For marmosets, this means that they prefer to climb the steep walls of high-rise buildings, and making his way through the open windows in the apartments, to rob them. Usually, they get into the house in search of food, but sometimes it can take with a curtain or a stuffed toy.

People associated the fact that their enemy is a member of a protected species, are limited in the choice of means of struggle, and tend to use paintball guns and pepper sprays. However, these methods are only able to briefly drive away primates, after a while the hunger causes them to come back again to human houses. In the presented photos show scenes that have become familiar to the residents of Cape Town.



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