The Soviet Union in 1990 through the eyes of National Geographic magazine

Photographers working in the National Geographic, the Soviet Union came to an enormous number of times. Each of them tried to take pictures of moments in the life of ordinary people and to convey the morals of the Soviet people around the world. Young people interested in Volgograd only imported clothing, players and modern music.

For relatives of the soldiers come. In the Alexander Garden.

The Congress of People's Deputies - the main event in the Soviet Union, which replaced the Russian show business.

Most habitually vote "for" on the top team.

During the break, MPs make out the telegram - electors.

Many of the issues discussed on the sidelines.

The meeting of representatives of the Estonian SSR Supreme Soviet in 1988

The most popular deputy Yeltsin more than others attracted the attention of journalists.

Cabinet First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers Vsevolod Murakhovski

And his desktop ...

Admission to KDSe in honor of the Olympic team of the USSR (1988 Seoul Olympics)

Sabonis Basketball team of the USSR. During the reception, he asked Gorbachev's permission to play abroad. Later, he received permission to do so and the season 1989-1990 he played in Spain.

Archaeological excavations during recovery Iberian Gate

In 1988, working in the Kremlin has found a box of 300 of silverware, the 13 th century.

Parade rehearsal

Birds of prey scare away pigeons. You're not in Venice ...

"Traitor!" - Shouting the retired colonel to one of the demonstrators, who came in 1990 on the Red Square demanding an end to "communism»

The restaurant served 50 thousand visitors every day and working there young people are proud that they have the best job in the entire USSR

Military Mausoleum at


Priests in the Pskov-Pechersky Monastery

The peoples of the Soviet Union awakened national samosoznanie.U Crimean Tatars, a poster in English

Jewish scholars

Meeting of the Company and Memory Manager Vasiliev



Journalist Nevzorov interviews accused of raping

City Day

Parents expect children with representation

A resident of Paradise tierce Ragozhkina rejoices arrival granddaughter from Voronezh, where her parents left the village

Lenin's niece, Olga Ulyanova D. yearn for communism



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