The rich also pay: stellar traffic accidents (7 photos)

Celebrities - the same people, and how it is inherent to all mortal mistakes. In particular, and on the roads. Some of the stars - not the best drivers, and others simply rely on the off chance.
Marat Bashar and his Lexus

Most recently, December 4 actor and TV host Marat Bashar got in an accident with three cars on one of Moscow's roads. However, the celebrity was in the passenger seat. That's because in November the actor was deprived of a driving license for driving under the influence.

Nikas Safronov and his Porsche

Just over a month ago, the artist Nikas Safronov got in an accident on his Porsche Cayenne because of pit road. Reality is still not as beautiful as in the pictures, so driving should be more attentive.

Lindsay Lohan and her Porsche

The most scandalous "girl" in Hollywood in June this year was once again in criminal chronicles. At this time, about a collision with a truck on the road. And it's only a few months after removing it from the punishment for drunk driving.

Arash and BMW

Swedish singer Arash during his tour to Russia and met with the local road "tradition." The car carrying the actor, "kissed" mysterious Honda, disappearing immediately afterwards. It was probably one of the singer's fans, who did not expect such a close "contact" with his idol. That's what it means to love in Russian!

Gerard Depardieu and his moped


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