Old gymnast (24 photos)

Granny name Johann Kaas, her 87 years, its growth 1, 52 m.
She was eleven times winner of the German championships for the elderly.
During the presentation of the new "Guinness World Records" in London, 87-year-old woman was chosen as the oldest gymnast in the world that participated in the competition.
Good for her, a good example of the young.

She even today somersaults, performs exercises on the balance beam and uneven bars. And all this is not working for her.

Johann not imagine his life without sports. She was engaged in gymnastics even 4 weeks after a major operation.

She always liked gymnastics. Her father wanted her to become a secretary. "But for me, is taken into account only the sport," - says Johann. She became a teacher in the field of physical education.

Johanna's husband also coach gymnastics

Johann with his granddaughter Susie

Johann deals and other exercises

Source: europe-today.ru


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