Friendship boy and sparrow

We know about different examples of unusual friendship that develops between man and animal. One 12-year-old boy from Minusinska found around the house a little sparrow. Responsible and kind-hearted schoolboy out chick. Now sparrow named Abby does not depart from his savior single step.

Good boy named Vadim. Without his pet, he rarely goes out. Usually sparrow sits quietly on the shoulder of the boy, so accompanies him even while exploring the city. Baby Abby knows and loves the whole yard. Tender affection that arose between a boy and a bird can not help but bring a smile or tears of emotion.

Nestling very sociable. He likes to talk to his melodic language and to show appreciation. Boy and his feathered friend - real sweet tooth.

Vadim first parents were not happy discovery son, but eventually got used to the chicks. Without a pet in the house will be bored.



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