Who are the minions are actually

Not small and Yellow, and sales and loose!

Those who watched the popular cartoon "Despicable Me" (eng. «Despicable Me») and its sequel "Despicable Me 2" will remember little smyshlenyh assistants protagonist Grew, which he calls the minions, but not everyone knows what minions were reality. This term is used in French XVI-century nobles called the favorites, that the court could act as advisers, bodyguards, suites, and in some cases - and lovers of high-ranking nobles. Often, the fate of the EP (fr. Mignon - baby, cutie) was entirely in the hands of his patron. "Favorites" to fulfill any whim of the nobility, so the word "minion" soon became synonymous with sexual immorality and corruption. Perhaps the most notable successes in the nelegkoy "service" reached minions of Henry III of Valois, who excited the royal entourage of his recklessness, daring antics and countless affair. Some of the subjects of the king claimed that Henry connect with young people is not friendship, but in historical documents confirm that there is, so it's probably just a rumor.

Several feminine outfits minions have been the object of constant ridicule of the court, but at the same time, they were jealous, because the king generously bestowed favorites sorts titles, land holdings and other "signs of attention", and when two of the favorites of Henry III died in the famous duel minions, the monarch ordered to build for them a luxury crypt. By the way, manners minions of Henry III served as the basis for the works of Alexander Dumas, such as "The Countess de Monsoreau," "Forty-Five" and "court of Henry III».


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