Top 10 most interesting cartoon 2013

In 2013, children and adults will see a lot of interesting cartoons - both from Russian and from Hollywood producers. Viewers will be offered to plunge into the atmosphere of prehistoric times, have fun with the blue little men and learn at the University of monsters. Here are the most interesting animated projects season (date Prime - Russian). "Escape from Planet Earth" (US-Canada) February 28, 2013

Famed astronaut Supernova - a national hero of the planet. He loves dangerous interstellar travel and decides to respond to the signal SOS, to proceed with the infamous Earth. Brave, but not far adventurer is trapped and can only save his mother (and more cautious) brother. "The Croods" (USA) 21 March 201 359 349 520

In the center of the events unfolding on prehistoric Earth, are fun representatives of a community. Their village destroyed by an earthquake, and in spite of the conservative leader, the heroes are forced to seek new homes. Soon Kruds meet advanced nomad, who charms all but the head of the family who does not want to lose credibility. "The Journey Begins" - says the motto of the cartoon. "The Return of Pinocchio" (Russia) 25 April 201 389 218 074

Fashion for the "reset" the old fairy tales has reached "Pinocchio." Public show modern Moscow, where wielded updated Karabas-Barabas. His factory makes unique old toys in uniform "innovative" model. But plans conveyor villain prevent Pinocchio and his team. The main characters of the cartoon voiced star of Russian cinema, including Oleg Tabakov, Oskar Kuchera, Nonna Grishaeva Leonid Yakubovich. "Epic" (USA) May 30 201 376 364 224

This is a story about what a wonderful world it may be very close. The youngest daughter of the scientist shrinks and becomes acquainted with the amazing characters, the existence of which she did not even know. Together, they will defeat the evil spider who wants to destroy their favorite green kingdom. Note that the "Epic" - a film adaptation of the popular book by children's author William Joyce. "Monsters University" (USA) 20 June 201 319 983 102

This prequel beloved by many "Monsters, Inc.": the public will show how met Mike and Sally. It turns out that the first of these two "pugatelya" strongly disliked each other. Best friends funny and very unlike the monsters are much later. Recall that Disney and Pixar are not going to remove the background, and the continuation of the story, but for some reason, the plans changed. "The Smurfs 2" (USA) July 31 201 357 359 163

Spectators are waiting for new adventures of charming blue men in white caps. In the story, the evil wizard Gargamel continues his terrible deeds: it creates "smurfopodobnyh" creatures and kidnaps Smurfette. Heroes have to return to the human world to rescue the stolen girlfriend. The main effect of animated film will unfold in Paris, as Gargamel wants to use the Eiffel Tower as an antenna. "Despicable Me 2" (USA) 15 August 201 320 890 284

This is another story about their favorite characters. In the middle of the action - an extravagant villain Gru and his minions assistant. They fall into a whirlpool of adventure and met a lot of new friends and enemies. It is noteworthy that the minions so captivated the audience that in the future it is planned to release them only dedicated to the spin-off. "Cloudy, possible precipitation: Revenge of GMO" (USA) October 24, 2013

After the devastating "food" storm shown in the first cartoon, the protagonist is forced to leave the city of Flint. He gets a job at The Live Corp Company, led by his idol Chester. Suddenly it turns out that Flint's machine still works, creating monsters, mutants, and the inventor again have to save the world. "The Cold Heart" (USA) November 27, 2013

Another variation on the theme of the tale of the Snow Queen. In the story, an evil sorceress to plunge the world into eternal winter. The main character, Anna, whose heart is frozen, can break the spell, making his way to the lair of the witch. Woman waiting for a dangerous journey in the company adventurer Kristoff. It is worth noting that the "Cold Heart" will be the 53rd animation project series Walt Disney Animated Classics. "The Snow Queen 2" (Russia) December 31, 2013 goda

In the continuation of this fabulous stories Kai and Gerda be another meeting with the winter witch. As expected, the main characters, invented sometime Hans Christian Andersen once again be presented by singer Nyusha and actor Ivan Ohlobystin. According to preliminary information, viewers will see a sequel to the last day of 2013, but it is possible that the producer Timur Bekmambetov will change the release date.



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