Ochakovka River in the south-west of Moscow

Ochakovka - a river in the south-west of Moscow, left tributary Ramenky. The river is famous for being very heavily polluted by oil products and salts of heavy metals.
Further, the author writes: Go with the flow decided from the top famous portal (around street. Academica Bakuleva) to an intermediate near the intersection of streets and Troparevsky Academician Anokhin. At first things went awry - down to the portal, I slipped on a backpack and go to the camera down and the lens on the ice and flew Chiemsee in a pile of garbage with wires. Bruising elbow, afraid that the lens something happens, and that broke the Chiemsee. But nothing happened.
Immediately after the portal and a 10-meter tube is rachnoy camera (right backfilled pipe is left far away is the tube (∅ = 1500mm) with the main flow):

The chamber downstream in the good clean a tube with a diameter of 2 meters:

Soon start to come across a beautiful camera:

100 meters across the diameter increases to 2300mm (view upstream):

Podklyuchka - sink with a car wash located in the underground garage:

Even after 50-70 meters we come to a rather large chamber (the hatch between the toes turned out 3 cars) near the intersection with Leninsky Prospekt Ostrovityanova. For a long time I could not figure out how to remove the chamber, eventually I decided to make the imposition of 7 shots. Here is the result:

Right away the entire flow directly dry-pipe, where we went (and it has paid) since found themselves in a beautiful and clean the reservoir with sprayed concrete:

Under Vernadsky Prospekt start to come across primary and backup connections collectors and beautiful camera. Connecting the ground (on the axis of the shooting) and backup (left sboyka it) collectors. Straight ahead waterfall, it did not take off:

Backup collector in turn also splits:

Photo by Salierie (until I opened the hatches):

The overflow from the collector Bypass:

Immediately (on the island of greenery between ul.Ruzskoy and Vernadsky Prospekt) is pretty big and pretty basic camera collector Ochakovki (right overflow from the previous pictures):

The same kind of downstream (overflow is now on the left):

Next to found a local landmark - the bars, which all visitors are required to take off. I do not think that the perspective and the idea of ​​new, something like that I have seen:

In predpredposledney chamber met icicles that I did not expect to have to catch in the middle of spring. However, some ice still remained. But here's the thing: a second battery for light bulbs dead, the spotlight villages maglayt sat down. Even phoenix stopped shining. In the last charges somehow filmed and went emissions:

Source: komandir.livejournal.com


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