Snow kapets №N

And yesterday in Kiev came another snow kapets. No, in the beginning, perhaps, no one suspected that it was he who deigned Welcome. It all began with a remarkable, almost spring rain on the night of Monday to Tuesday, which washes away the remnants of snow from the streets of Kiev. However, later this cute rain became a spreading wet snow that morning to turn the capital into a huge, hard-to rake blockage.
Throwing stones at someone - a thankless task. Just and on the facts. When three years ago, something like that hit us, we are very lucidly explained that it was, say, the element. And what can you do with it, insidious. The current government, then dwells in deep opposition, with great pleasure paced by utilities - say, what ah-ah-ah. Not the same as citizens of Horsham, to abuse their fellow citizens who elected you! Who will be responsible?
Yes, no one in particular. As well as now. Favorites - okay. Thank God, before the snow.
Not beauty, of course, sometimes just unreal. I, too, somewhere deep down lyricist. But not when you need to empty, as in the open field.
Okay, it's all the same cry from the heart - and no more. Change in the near future is highly unlikely.
Yes, do not forget to. Citizens who do not leave the car under the trees! I beg you! It's better at home or on the subway. This case is on the corner of the citadel and the Leipzig - not isolated.
P.S. Thank you for giving the girl Tonya photo.


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