Peninsula Coney Island after 40 days (50 photos)

6. In the queues for food are already either poor or homeless, or the most persistent supporters of freebies. True queue as such, and no.

7. The man in a black baseball cap, and then I saw the other distribution points.

8. On the other hand is a machine with an ophthalmologist, where you can get free points. It may seem that this is nonsense, but when I once accidentally broke his glasses and went to buy new in optics, the amount stunned me. For $ 120 I got a frame of almost bin and inserted to the cheapest glass. So that the people with happy meals moves in line for points. There is nothing else there, and I went to the boardwalk.

9. Though he is a wooden, but not hurt. With all the sand has been removed, and he is no different from his douragannogo state.

10. Even some stores are already working.


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