Peninsula Coney Island after 40 days (50 photos)

Returning to Hurricane Sandy.
This photograph shows a coach parking near the ocean.
Before Hurricane scored its entirety.
What for? This is not reasonable, because the area will flood first.
What a dirty trick.
6 days without electricity (35 photos)
Hurricane Sandy retreated from the shores of the United States (31 photos)

2. Nearby parking where insurance companies were brought drowned cars. The same was packed to capacity. Now almost all the machines have taken.

3. Streets near the ocean back in the sand.

4. That the gardens of local residents.

5. Paragraph assistance to victims deserted. At the entrance smashed playground Police Sports League - an organization that is engaged in youth work. Organizes sport competitions, clubs, clubs, educational programs and other activities.

6. In the queues for food are already either poor or homeless, or the most persistent supporters of freebies. True queue as such, and no.

7. The man in a black baseball cap, and then I saw the other distribution points.

8. On the other hand is a machine with an ophthalmologist, where you can get free points. It may seem that this is nonsense, but when I once accidentally broke his glasses and went to buy new in optics, the amount stunned me. For $ 120 I got a frame of almost bin and inserted to the cheapest glass. So that the people with happy meals moves in line for points. There is nothing else there, and I went to the boardwalk.

9. Though he is a wooden, but not hurt. With all the sand has been removed, and he is no different from his douragannogo state.

10. Even some stores are already working.

11. All the sand moved to the adjacent street. Pile stretches almost a quarter.

12. On the other surrounding streets all died.

13. Ferris someone set a cross.

14. And now it unattractive light in the night.

15. In blocks away from the shore all too intact.

16. Garbage. Garbage. Garbage. Cans of paint and other chemistry collects individual machine.

17. There is also hard at work harvesting equipment.

18. On the streets handing out drinking water.

19. There are crowds of people with carts and all that is collected. There's water. There's food. There's something else.

20. Here, the streets finally kicked janitors who clean the dirt and debris along the sidewalks.

21. Someone has bought a new car.

22. A homeless sleeping on the steps of the church.

23. Bank branch is closed for repairs.

24. Therefore, contrary deployed temporary separation. The sign reads - "We are here to help».

25. Next to the tent established mobile ATMs. Shase fellows in this regard. I have a map of Citibank, and have to travel a long way to remove her money. Their separation is also drowned, but no time points are not organized. Now, when I want to change the bank, then my choice would clearly not in their favor.

26. Quite a decent part of the built up area of ​​such two-story houses. On the first floor is in full swing repair, and the people all the throws and throws debris.

27. At first glance, it seems that all is well with the car.

28. Next Street.

29. district posters with instructions on how to deal with the fungus in the house.

30. Another point of distribution. Employee inside waving his arms, it was all over. On the steps of an old friend in a black baseball cap.

31. There are no bogies, the use of old prams.

32. From the back entrance will wear new things already to hand. Striding toward me happy owner free lunch.

33. This scene reminded me of the anecdote about the master and helper working in the sewers - "Learn! But then so will the entire life of the keys apply. »

34. Around the corner, another distribution of hot food.

35. Immediately distribute food. On the table the package of baby food Gerber.

36. And there so many that distribute and distribute.

37. Next to operate a mobile clinic.

38. The clothes have no one takes.

39. Going further. The landscape does not change.

40. Here the windows you can see how was the water level. It is two blocks from the ocean.

41. Here, too, still standing avtoutoplenniki.

42. Since these buildings there are many Chinese who do the repairs and mainly representatives of their community.

43. kitchen furniture manufacturers advertise their services.

44. The builders stand out in the crowd with their car.

45. This car also drowned. It's amazing that it has not yet taken off the wheels.

46. ​​Pradzhekty connected to a portable boiler. Boiler equipment in the trailer. Near a powerful generator and a blue tank with fuel.

47. From the trailer to the house laid pipe.

48. pradzhektah support domestic producers.

49. That seems to have written in Russian ...

50. Garbage container combined with a toilet. The original decision.

That's all.



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