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Do you want to poo-zolotishkom?
It turns out this is quite possible.
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Issued pills gilding feces rich people. Accustomed to luxury people difficult than a surprise, but the retailer Citizen it seem possible. The American company launched the sale of boxes of tablets containing 24 carat gold.

These yellow capsule of 2 cm in length are sold at $ 425 per set of three pieces. It is enough to swallow pills to your excrement, like being completely useless byproduct, which is accepted immediately dispose immediately become precious. After all, they are decorated with metal, for which people kill each other for thousands of years.

These gold pills invented designer from New York, Toby Wong with his partner Ken Courtney. For the first time the gold capsule were released in 2005 as part of the lineup for wealthy people who want to pamper themselves. Then these pills presented as an art project showing growing luxury market in the world, where almost half the population is still undernourished. But the project proved to be remarkably successful commercially - sales are growing, and with them and the price of the tablet.

Some people buy them as a souvenir cheerful, well suited for drawings. However, most of those who regularly takes on golden tablets are people obsessed with the world of luxury. They are so much hyped demand for these seemingly completely useless capsule that today online Citizen hanging classified "temporarily not for sale".

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