Photos of New York

The author of these shots was sitting in a cafe and decided to take pictures of all passing by New Yorkers for an hour while also giving a brief description of each. Many of passing did not even notice them aimed at the lens and just continued to go by.



Dad with a child on his shoulders.

With costumes in the hands.

With a dog.

On the trolley. Experts in the comments tried to convince me that in Manhattan with carts nobody goes. By me in that day ten people passed.

With anchors.

Trying to take a picture of a pretty girl. Unsuccessful as everyone else. Pretty girls in Manhattan a lot.


Very high passer.

The girl came in a taxi and waits for her boyfriend to pay off with the driver.

Preggers. Fatties had to look out directly. With them on the day and the hour was somehow hard on 6th Avenue.

With package.

With bags.

Skinny and not very.

With a transparent umbrella.

. With an umbrella where doggie.

Velodostavschik from a nearby cafe.

A lot of couples Americans with the Chinese.

The girl with the dress.

In rubber boots. If the forecast of rain, then a great many ladies out of the house in his boots. I can not imagine how it is possible to walk in these shoes all day.

Girl with a broken umbrella.


Very pants are now become fashionable. With different colors.

With the dog.

With skate.


In a plastic cape. These sell for two dollars in small shops.

On the heels. For some reason I thought that in New York on the heels barely walk. It turned out that only seemed. There are still both.


In short shorts. Most men wear shorts of the same length as the melting - to the knees.

In the rain cover.

Most ordinary girl.

With a funny umbrella.

Another fat.

Lady out of the car limousine service.

Adolescent girls.

The bright pants.

Catches a taxi.

In an expensive suit and with a sports bag.

With the bag over his head.

In the suit.

On the board in his hands.

With an umbrella on which subway map.

. This blocked my view and thus hit the shot.

Picks his nose.

In leather pants.

Catch a taxi. Caught in just 30 minutes.

In sportswear.

With flowers.

With a cigarette. Smoking is very small.

Healthy Indian with a Chinese woman.

Normal women's clothing. Do not get that. Then, whether from the gym, that there just so convenient.

With packages. Asians are very much on the streets.

Too many are looking to the phone, and not under his feet.

Smoking and reading a book on your tablet.

With hair like Yulia Tymoshenko.

In a suit and panama.


Again in the phone.

This more attentive.




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