Love Happens (Love Happens)

Love Happens (Love Happens) - Widow - writer (Aaron Eckhart) tries in his book «A-Okay!» Teach others how to cope with the emotional experiences after losing people close to him. But the theory as always at odds with the practice. And in order to solve their love problems co his girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston), he has to break away from the books and plunge into the maelstrom of a full life. But all is not as easy as in the books.

US 2009
Director: Jonathan Mostow
Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Jennifer Aniston
Produced by: John. Miles Dale, Alexa Faigen, Ryan Kavanaugh
Operator: Eric Alan Edwards
Writers: Brandon Camp, Mike Thompson
Composer: Christopher Young
Premiere: September 18, 2009
Budget: 18 000 000 $

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