Closure of the 2010 Winter Olympics

That ended the main sporting event of the past four years for all the athletes involved in winter sports. This time, the Olympic Games have been played as many as 86 sets of medals and 258 medals overall standings. This immediately set two more than during the previous forum in Turin, Italy.

At the closing ceremony, which took place on February 28 in the evening local time, a Canadian, was beaten blunder that occurred when opening. It is about how to support that had to light a Canadian Catriona Lemay Doan (Catriona Le May Doan), eventually stuck. At the closing of this particular athlete entrusted the right to light the Olympic flame, after the audience cheer clown, mime who repeated everything that happened at the opening. Then, in the arena were all participants in the Olympics. After the parade, the participants, the Mayor of Vancouver handed the Olympic flag led the International Olympic Committee, which, in turn, handed the flag to the mayor of Sochi. After the official closing of the Olympic Games, held a grand concert.


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