Guerrilla Marketing from Volkswagen

The network has new commercials advertising company famous car manufacturer with the same slogan "fast lane. Managed fun »(Fast lane - Driven by fun).


At this time, the creators of the ladder-piano come up with some new ideas related to speed. On the subway station Alexanderplatz (Alexanderplatz), that in the German capital, appeared unusual way of accelerated descent to the trains. It is about a hill of red. Anyone who does not want to stand on the escalator for a couple of seconds can be on the same level with the metro platform.

No less interesting idea has been realized in one of the supermarket chains, which could accelerate with the trolley traveling the shopping area.

The final event was to support the sound of the elevator. The bottom line is that during the launch of the elevator it is voiced sound space rocket launch. Unfortunately ideas to speed up the elevator constructors probably still not mature enough.


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