Day in Photos, February 7, 2011

Monday, it's time to get to work. That's just not all they want. Hindus, for example, as the Chinese continue to celebrate. But presidents and prominent politicians work at all.

Let's start checker pictures. Previously, there was a dam. While the monsoon rains have not begun (Sri Lanka).

Japanese volcano continues dymet. Handsomely. Terribly nice if elaborate.

War "showdown" between Cambodia and Thailand over the temple, located on the border states, forced many families to flee the border areas.

Zorro in Egyptian. Protesters in Cairo have already connected to the children's demonstrations.

Burning oil tankers after the attacks of militants on the way to the Pakistani-Afghan border. Five cars were attacked by NATO fighters to prevent the delivery of fuel to US military.

Dmitry Medvedev strict as ever, during a press conference on the reform in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy boasts tie before German Chancellor Angela Merkle and Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski.

Three under an umbrella, not counting protection.

President Barack Obama walks through the park in front of the White House, along with the head of his administration, Bill Daley.

British children catch coins that throws the mayor of St Ives, on the day of the city.

Indian children celebrate the arrival of spring in Ahmedabad.

The same holiday, but more adult girls celebrate traditional dances in Amritsar.

Seller traditional Yemeni hats bored in the old part of the capital Sanaa.

Drying Peanut factory in Guatemala.

Peanut - these pieces of paper, which is broken for the holidays special sticks. Sometimes they hide sweets for children. Peanut is suspended from the ceiling and looking with your eyes closed.

Tunisian cow is no different from our own. In the background - the village of Kef.

Green turtle - an endangered species. It was on the beach the Pakistani city of Karachi, where the young are released into the Arabian Sea.

Kashmiri Muslim prays over a copy of the Koran in the church of Saint Khawaja Nakvashbanda that in Srinagar.

Nikolai Fomenko presents in London, a new team in Formula 1 «Marussia Virgin Racing».

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal nibbles statuette «Laureus World Sportsman of the Year», just received in Abu Dhabi.

There's also Kevin Spacey and Rafa played parteyku table tennis.

French football team trained in Paris before the upcoming friendly match with Brazil.

German Thomas Andres in the Pyrenees during the second stage Sled Dog Race. Racing will last two weeks.

The opening ceremony of the World Cup in Alpine skiing in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany.

The capital of Germany is in full swing preparing for the Berlin Film Festival.

We have offices queue.

Visitors view paintings by Paul Cezanne at New York's Museum of «Metropolitan Museum of Art».

Nearby in the adjacent gallery, an exhibition of the legendary musical instrument.

Slightly marred preparations for the carnival to scale the world in Rio de Janeiro. The fire occurred in Samba City, which produced most of the details.

The bust of Nefertiti, which is 3400 years old exposed in the Berlin museum «New museum».

Christian Lacroix presented a collection of national clothes of Syria in the framework of the Paris exhibition «LOrient des Femmes».

Photo: AP, Reuters, Getty Images


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