Day in Photos, February 20, 2011

The last chord of the penultimate week of winter. This means that on the nose? On the nose spring! Well, Mardi Gras, of course :)

Tbilisi, Georgia covered with snow. View from the Kura River.

Hamburg dogs go to the polls, but has not yet voted. All ahead.

China Panda Ksyan Nu leaves Shanghai and went to Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.

Researchers from the Chinese province of Sichuan panda costumes to take a six-month baby panda research at the research center.

This chicken is most likely to be sold during the Paris Exhibition of Agriculture in Versailles exhibition center.

Ladybugs, too.

A child plays with a giant bubble, which created a street performer in Madrid, the Plaza Mayor.

Christian puts a candle in the church in Cairo (Egypt).

Afghan farmers with the output is not a lot. Or maybe just not all?

Like the builders of the Palestinian guest workers.

Woman ethnic Tharu sincerely rejoice in the celebration of Puja - the festival of peace in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Lebanese fun on the coast of Sidon.

Here they are, the Indian zemleukladchitsy. Work on the stadium "Sardar Patel" in the suburbs of Ahmedabad.

Young skateboarders ride on the London shopping center in the Covent Garden.

Near Kiev enthusiasts recreate retrospective battle on the outskirts of Kiev, during the Great Patriotic War.

Military Police of Uganda ready to attack the protesters on the streets of Kampala.

But they are protesting.

In Morocco, demonstrators demand to wrest power from King Mohammed.

Social Networks "they rule". With one of the social networks in Beijing, China tried to arrange a "Jasmine Revolution." An example of the development of events in the Middle East and North Africa, already dominates the minds across the globe.

Photos beginning railway junction in Frankfurt, Germany. Tomorrow, the lights may go out. Railway workers on strike gathered.

The peloton is going on - the flowers are. Many days cycling race «Tour of Oman», the sixth stage of Mount El-Hajar al-Gharbi out to sea.

The symbol of the World Cup Cricket - Stumpy elephant posing with the participants of the tournament.

Police are preparing to Glasgow derby classic Scottish Cup - "Celtic" versus "Rangers».

Fans of English "Notts County" during the match of FA Cup "Manchester City" waving fake cup. Alas, the dream of seeing the real Cup in the club's collection was destroyed. 0: 5 - the final score.

More than 65,000 wishes to participate in the 10-kilometer race through the streets of Hong Kong.

Swiss soccer fans club "Young Boys" respond to the outcome of the fight a draw against the club "Thun».

Pope Benedict XVI blesses all who came to St. Peter's Square during Sunday services.

Tens of thousands who want to attend the short film festival in Sydney, Australia. It is the world's largest festival of its kind.

Italian Venice met Sunday colorful masquerade on the Grand Canal.

The designer David Delfin blows a kiss to spectators after showing his collection in the framework of London Fashion Week.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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