The award ceremony "Oscar - 2011"

For the most part the results were expected and prizes were awarded to those who deserve them most. At least, if we consider the list of contenders for the top film award year.

It was the 83rd in a row ceremony of "Oscar". The show took place in Los Angeles Kodak Theatre, and his main drive was Anne Hathaway (Ann Hathaway) and James Franco (James Franco).

Well, now for the nominees. Most nominations appeared in the movie "The King's Speech» (King's Speech) - twelve. Ten nominations the film "True Grit» (True Gift) and eight films in "The Social Network» (Social Network) and "Start» (Inception). For the third time in the history of the cinema, the title of "Best Film" claimed cartoon. We are talking about "Toy Story 3» (Toy Story 3).

So the award for best film received a picture of "The King's Speech» (King's Speech). Also, the film's director Tom Hooper (Tom Hooper) was named "best director" and the leading man in the film, Colin Firth (Colin Firth) - «Best Actor».

Another prize was awarded to the film co-author David Seidler (David Seidler), as the author of the best original screenplay for the film.

Award for "Best Actress" was Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman) for his role of a ballerina in "Black Swan» (Black Swan).

The film "The Fighter» (The Fighter) with two distinguished awards for supporting actor. "Best Supporting Actor" was Christian Bale (Christian Bale), and "Best Supporting Actress" - Melissa Leo (Melissa Leo).

Award for Best Adapted Screenplay Aaron Sorkin received (Aaron Sorkin), who wrote the screenplay for "The Social Network».

Trent Reznor (Trent Reznor) and Atticus Ross (Atticus Ross) for his work in the film "The Social Network" were recognized as authors of the best original soundtrack.

And "the best song of the film" was named «We Belong Together» by Randy Newman (Randy Newman), were heard in the animated film "Toy Story 3».

By the way, it is expected that this cartoon was recognized as the best in the past year.

Another award, which went to the team of the film "The Social Network" - "Best Editing". Its got Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter.

In addition to the movie "The King's Speech" and four awards went to the film "Home". However, all nominations were less significant than that of the main winner, "Best Visual Effects", "Best Cinematography", "Best Sound" and "Best Sound Installation».

Award "Best Foreign Language Film" has received the Danish film "Revenge» (In A Better World).

Double prize was awarded to the film "Alice in Wonderland» (Alice in Wonderland) - «Best Actor-director" and "Best Costume Design».

But "Best Makeup" was awarded to Rick Baker and Dave Elsie for their work in the film "The Wolfman» (The Wolfman).

Photo: Getty Images, Reuters


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