The day in pictures, March 14, 2011

The next Monday I would like to note that the spring finally came, even the old calendar. At the scene again took politics. But as before - Japan in the spotlight all over the world.

Japan has aggravated the situation in the nuclear power plant accident. The situation is still catastrophic.

The world is praying for salvation.

Shooting along the mountain slopes near Vladikavkaz, to prevent avalanches.

Cambodian workers will ship 80-kilogram bags of rice in the village of Ta-Ngele.

The queue at the newsstand in Havana. Cubans crave dose of news.

Illegal immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa continued to be deported from the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Iraqi opposition leaders decided not to hold the shares, and just start collecting signatures to demand the resignation of the incumbent.

In Ajdabiya Libyan rebels have mastered the tank.

Demonstrators in Berlin in front of the headquarters of the Chancellor holding candles in their hands as a sign that requires immediate shut down nuclear reactors and not as planned - gradually.

A similar protest took place in other German cities - Cologne.

Filipino scientists measured radioactivity readings, due to possible contamination after the accident at a Japanese nuclear power plant. The government has increased the frequency of inspections four times.

Indian police exploring the ruins of the headquarters of the ruling Congress Party, which was blown up in Gauhati, Assam.

In Beijing, the delegates leave the fourth session of the 11th National Congress of China.

US President Barack Obama during a strange twisted speech at the school in Arlington, Virginia, USA.

British Queen Elizabeth II met at Westminster Abbey with singer Annie Lennox is one of the activists of the women's movement, the United Kingdom.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is able to charm any woman. And Hillary Clinton, and even more so.

Fan of Pakistani cricket team in vain "dress flashily." The match his team against Zimbabwe have suffered because of heavy rain.

And another "loser" is true, even under the umbrella.

Will Usher performs tricks during the competition in water slalom at the Melbourne Festival Moomba.

Coach "Manchester United" and the club player Chris Smalling at a press conference on the eve of the Champions League against "Marcel" is so severe that it seems planned the Ice least.

But the player of "Bavaria" Franck Ribery, before the match with the current holder of the trophy, "Inter" is calm, and it is more like a warm-up yoga.

Vitali Klitschko in Cologne, Germany held a press conference on the occasion of the upcoming defense of the title world champion by the WBC against Cuban Odlanier Solis. The bout will take place here March 19.

Modern tows old junk in the bay of Hong Kong. This is a traditional vessel became popular in China and Japan in the early second century AD.

Original advertisement goods in front of the store on Fifth Avenue in New York.

Participants carnival «Morgestraich» in Basel, Switzerland opened the celebration at four in the morning!

In Warsaw, the presentation of new gold coins with images of PLN 100 dead President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria.

A look through the glasses at a picture "Soul Mate" authorship Eileen Cooper, who will soon be sold at Sotheby's at least five thousand euros. Bidding will take place next Tuesday.

Footballer Spanish "Barcelona" Gerard Pique is the new face of the campaign «He by Mango».

The last moments of a fashion show by Anuparamy Dayal in Mumbai Lakme Fashion Show.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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