The new combination of letters "tachbuk" from Acer

One person close to me often likes to say: "Thoughts are material." The Taiwanese company Acer has become a real confirmation of these words. The idea of ​​a laptop with a touchpad instead of the keyboard has long been discussed and only now has become real.

For this new type of notebook has even managed to come up with a special word "tachbuk." But back to the new product. At the moment, everyone can make a reservation for the model Acer Iconia 6120. The price of issue, subject to certain revolutionary model, rather "appetizing" - $ 1,199. Tachbuk contains two 14-inch touch screen, one of which is located at the usual place for the keyboard. Can simultaneously work with two displays, for example, with one display screen on another piece of information. As soon as you need a keyboard or touchpad - touch screen instantly they become. RAM at Acer Iconia 6120 is 4 GB hard disk space - 640 GB. Available Wi-Fi and an interface USB 3.0. Base operating system - Windows 7.



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