New speed record for electric vehicles from Peugeot EX1

The concept car from the French manufacturer won a new world record, which was set in Nyurburinge on the track called "North Loop».

Electric car has surpassed the previous record by nearly a minute! The fact that measurements are carried out at the end of the circle. The average speed of Peugeot EX1 on the track was 138 km / h. By the way, the previous record belonged to the electric car, based at the hatchback version of the car MINI. Until the speed of 100 km / h Peugeot EX1 need 3, 5 seconds and up to 260 km / hour - only 6, 6 seconds. Not the least role in the acceleration of such opportunities played aerodynamics concept, and the total capacity of the power plant - 340 "horses". Recall that the model was created for the 200th anniversary of the French company.


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