A matter of taste Fulvio Bonavena (Fulvio Bonavia)

Italian photographer is a multiple winner of various competitions of photography, and has published one book is no longer with their works.

His career Fulvio Bonavena (Fulvio Bonavia) started out as a graphic designer and illustrator, posters, and posters for the film industry. It was not until the year 2008, until the light is not published his first book, "A matter of taste» (A Matter of Taste). The book was published in Australia, and a year later was made a French re-release. The work to date is the most famous, but after it was released a few more. For example, "Scent of a flower» (Scent of Flower). We offer you a job because of these books, which have been exhibited in several galleries in the world. We will not describe the specifics of the work. I think you will, and so everything is clear.


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