Day in Photos, August 31, 2011

All. The end of the summer. A little sad, but we will not dwell on the thought. Let's see what we please and surprise last Wednesday. For example, pumpkin records, communist and cruises pomidoromaniey.

Two baby cheetah crouched behind the flowers in the park Smithsonian biology at Front Royal, Virginia, USA.

Boy considers sharks in the aquarium near Cape Town, South Africa.

Israeli kids in the amusement park of the city of Acre, thought it would be fun to tame snake. In fact - just right to ask for diapers :)

Bathing the dog and watch as 20-year-old turtle will meet in the Mediterranean Sea, Givat Olga, Israel.

Alaska Dale Marshall grew a pumpkin, which currently has a circumference of 5 meters and 13 centimeters.

Dale has not yet weighed the pumpkins grown in the greenhouse, but promises to compete in the biggest pumpkin, his offspring will weigh no less than eight kilograms.

Residents of Mexico City look at the flow of water from the dam Angulo, who can not help to dramatically increase the volume of water due to heavy rains, Mexico.

Cattle running from the fire on the outskirts of Oklahoma City, United States. The fire burned some houses and farms, due to the strong wind.

Farmer Keith Biverz shocked aftermath of Hurricane Irene on his tobacco plantation in Mount Olive, North Carolina, USA.

In North Korea, virtually no tourism at all, as a service. And on China purchased an old ship for the first time, almost since the founding of the republic, organized cruise along the coast of the country for the residents of the DPRK.

It was more than modest, and pathetic at the same time - artificial flowers, waving flags and two speakers instead of the orchestra in minivans. Nevertheless, it is a step forward.

A crowd of Chinese tourists in the morning waiting for the tidal wave to start running away from it. The Chinese Haining is one of the main attractions.

Muslim women pray on the last day of Ramadan in Chennai, India.

In the South Korean Seoul opened its first virtual supermarket on one of the central metro stations. After selecting all the right products, with the help of your smartphone, you can buy them. Delivery of course, to the specified address. A great way to spend time waiting useful subway car, and save on waiting in line real store.

Libyan banks have opened in Tripoli on Tuesday, but the number of those wishing to withdraw funds from the accounts is not reduced for the second day.

Indian boy Muslims greet each other with the end of Ramadan in Jammu, India.

Palestinian children ride on the carousel in Jenin, Gaza Strip.

Brazilian students jump into the fountain at the parliament building in the capital during a protest demanding an increase in subsidies for education.

Today in the UK noted the 14th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, London.

On the last day of summer, Kyrgyzstan celebrated Independence Day. Military parade in Bishkek.

Mexican David De La Mora (left) face stomps Japanese Koki Kameda during rating fight for the WBA in Tokyo, Japan.

Men's "eight" compete at the World Championships in Slovenia on Lake Bled.

Today in Friedrichshafen, Germany opened the world's largest bicycle exhibition and sale «Eurobike 2011".

Assistant gallery Chris Beatles admires a painting of Prince of Wales' home Haygrov Terrace "at the exhibition in Darfur, London, UK.

The shadow of an employee of the museum in Manchester, falls on the remains of the British flag, which was located in the building of the World Trade Center in New York City, which was destroyed al-Qaida in September of 2001. The exhibition dedicated to the tragedy will open on September 10 and will last for exactly two years.

Participant of the festival "Tomatina" tomato pulp in the spray, the village of Bunol, Spain.

In view of the persistent problems in recent years, the Spanish farmers with vegetables - a great way to get rid of tomatoes :)

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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