Steam car or superkater - that expensive?

The question is rather rhetorical, because the price is not determined by similar advantages or disadvantages. However, we promise you one thing for sure - the answer to a question you did get.

Last weekend in Pennsylvania were marked auction RM Auctions' Hershey. That it was displayed exhibition, which will talk about in more detail. It is a three-wheeled steam car 1884 model year, which for all of its 127 years of existence, replaced all four owners and still stay on track. This paromobil (probably because it is better to call it) participated in the first motor racing and has won huge number of various awards. So, the model is called De Dion Bouton Et Trapardoux and it has its own name "." Despite the fact that the starting price was only half a million dollars to complete all at $ 4, 2 million plus a 10% deduction auction, which was an incredible $ 4, 62 million!

Videos give you an opportunity to see how the steam engine.

And now I come to the second "hero" of our material - the boat MTI ZR48, which is engaged in the production of the company Marine Technology Inc. They have created for fans of Chevrolet Corvette boat design is reminiscent of the popular car. If the external similarities you see something inside you definitely indicate the presence of the similarity of the original dashboard. 2700 strong biturbinny Mercury Marine V8 engine impresses with its power. As for the rest, everything is standard - the cabin can accommodate 6 people, there is WI-FI, speaker of 8 kilowatts of sound. Also, included is a special trailer because MTI ZR48 too wide for normal transport. Should this miracle of technology is only $ 1, 7 million. Which means that the steam engine is more expensive boats in more than 2, 5 times :)


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