Ukrainian street project "Іnteresnі Cuzco"

The birth of this project is considered to year 2003, when the two men decided to set up separately from the team «Ingenious Kids» own drawings in the genre neshriftovogo graffiti. About what all continued - read on.

Vova Waone and Alex Aec (it was the name of the creators of the project) initially chose a theme based on the drawings of fantastic literature, folk tales, mysticism and magic. Therefore, the name itself is almost born. Guys draw not only on the streets, but also paint pictures. However, in Ukraine is rather problematic to exhibit their work. But in Europe, their pictures already know firsthand. The guys claim that their work has had nothing to do with graffiti, except machinery. They consider themselves to be "muralistam." Creativity Project "Іnteresnі Cuzco" can be seen in many cities around the world, which is very pleasing. In the set you will see some joint work with the guys Alexey Kislov.

Photo by Interesni Kazki


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