Triumph street art of Brazilian twins Os Gemeos

As you can imagine, the brothers came up with the name for the project is no coincidence, with the Portuguese language, and it just translates as "the twins." In real life the guys name Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo.

They were born in Sao Paulo - one of the cradles of the Brazilian school of street art. Draw started at the age of thirteen and Os Gemeos can be considered one of the founders of the local graffiti, muralizma and other related areas of street pattern. One of the attributes in the drawings of the twins became yellow-skinned characters, but they never stop and look for something new. The first international experience guys got in 1993, the year when he met with the famous at the time of the American art-hooligan Twist. It was he who showed the brothers pictures with the best examples of the New York graffiti. That the twins was enough for the creative impulse. After a few years they became known outside of Brazil, and is now regularly exhibit their works in galleries worldwide.


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