South African street art from Faith47

This representative of the region's unusual for graffiti and street art had no idea what he wants to paint on the streets. Prior to his first experience, she listened to punk rock, roller-skating and hated society.

It is the desire to express their protest and pushed her to the draw. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​"I'll always be against" eventually faded into the background, and when Faith47 bore a son, everything has changed at all. As the artist herself says, it is a little land. In her music preferences have not changed, and it still draws a noise punk icons such as «Dead Kennedys», Patti Smith loves and loves to have fun under the «Gogol Bordello». Most of the works that you see, are located in two cities in South Africa: Johannesburg and Cape Town. Also, a few drawings from Madrid and Shenzhen China.


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