Wildlife Alan MacKenzie (Alan Mckenzie)

British freelance photographer removes not only nature, but also all that he meets along the way. Favorite place for hanging out, said Alan Brighton and the surrounding area. Here, in principle, make the most of the photos.

Alan Mackenzie (Alan Mckenzie) pictures of the neighborhood around their places of deployment - the town of Hove, in the south of England and the coast of the English Channel. The British, by the way, is called the Strait of the English Channel. Most recently, the photographer published his first book, which includes 120 of the best images of the author, made in Brighton, Seven Sisters, South Downs Beachy Heads and other beautiful places. In general, it is a beautiful and touching nature of the south of England, where the beauty of the capture is not given to everyone. As a soundtrack to the view we have chosen the song another famous Briton. Click on the spoiler before viewing the photos!

Moby - «Shot In The Back of The Head»

Photo by flickr


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