Young Jessica Clark (Jessica Clarke)

Nineteen New Zealand model for the first time in the pages of our magazine. In this article you will see a photoset with their involvement, made especially for the May issue of the Paris edition of the fashion magazine.

Photo shoot itself was called «Sea Reines», and its author was a famous German fashion photographer Alexander Neumann (Alexander Neumann). Photographer presented Jessica Clark (Jessica Clarke) this siren, arranging photoset on the sea beach. Already familiar in tandem with Alexander worked for the magazine stylist Vanessa Belluzho (Vanessa Bellugeon). Jessica shows us the clothes and accessories from Balenciaga, Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen and Giorgio Armani. Despite his young age, this blue-eyed four years working as a professional model, and last year took part in the «Victoria's Secret Fashion Show».

Photo by Alexander Neumann


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