Drawings with a ballpoint pen Vanessa Prager (Vanessa Prager)

We offer you a whole series of American jobs, to create that, she needed a ball point pen of red and blue, as well as a few old sheets of music books. It turned out extravagant and dramatic.

In this American artist has neither professional education, it at all, in fact, no education. However, it is not a drop of it does not prevent to create more new pictures. By the way, taking part, both in personal and collective exhibitions since 2008. Vanessa Prager (Vanessa Prager) is not limited to a ballpoint pen drawings and paintings create a classic watercolor paper. Vanessa herself explains why it draws a pen on the staff: "The camp Sheet implies a certain completion. Because no such sequences which would not have been completed. And the creation of the figure on the staff creates a blurred image, so the audience confused. On the one hand - the clarity of boundaries and blurring on the other.


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