An unusual street art artist DMS

The popular Brazilian Davi De Melo Santos (Davi De Melo Santos) aka DMS, prefers to be introduced into the surrounding street space, trying to fit in most existing street cityscape.

Davy De Melo Santos (Davi De Melo Santos) painted his first graffiti even 16 years ago in his native metropolis called Belo Horizonte. This happened a long time ago. Since then, much has changed, except for hobbies street pattern. DMS now no longer lives in his native Brazil, and moved to Italy. Living and working in the southern municipality of Catanzaro, Davi is working with well-known brands such as: Adidas, FIAT, Red Bull and others. In addition to conceptual drawings of the author often working on a covers of music albums and illustrated books.

Photo by flickr


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