The winners of the photo contest «International Garden Photographer of the Year»: Part One

Several hundreds of thousands of works of photographers took part in the annual competition of the beauty of nature and only the best works were those or other prizes for places 1-3. We invite you to view photos of the winners.

The first in our selection was the category of "Beauty of plants».

1 place. Debbie Hartley. "Dogwood thickets».

2nd place. Anthony Wallace. "Water lilies in a glass».

3rd place. Mandy Disher. "Sensitive Heart».


Top Rated.

Category "Beautiful Garden».

1 place. Nick Barlow. "Dawn in Balyu».

2nd place. Eva Gryguch "Spring».

3rd place. Carol Kesselden. "The path orchard at dawn».


Top Rated.

Category "Flower landscapes».

1 place. Denis Freyts. "Penstemonovy dawn».

2nd place. Andrew George. "Mystic Morning».

3rd place. Damien Debski. "Flower meadow in Wiltshire».


Top Rated.

Category «Forest».

1 place. Gloria King. "Dawn in the haze of the mountain».

2nd place. David Cobb. "Cherry slope».

3rd place. Sarah Fiona Chelm. "Autumn Palette».


Top Rated.

Category «Young talents».

1 place. Samuel Aaron, 14 years old. "Long-tailed titmouse».

2nd place. Sam Hall, 12 years old. "Grass snake».

3rd place. Akash Chauhan, 15 years. "Warm Red».


Top Rated.

In the second part of the article we will look at other categories of photo contest.


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