Owl in flight and life

Photographer Milan Zygmunt (Milan Zygmunt) bought his first digital camera four years ago. However, the real passion in photography came to him just last year, after meeting with a professional.

This turned out to be a professional photographer and naturalist Czech Rostislav Stach (Rostislav Stach). Himself Milan Zygmunt (Milan Zygmunt) considers it the best in the Czech Republic. When Zygmunt asked why among his works are so many owls, the author replied that all the birds are beautiful in their own way, but in flight, owls inimitable. Actually, it still sitting on a branch. Owls head rotation is 270 degrees and the angle of viewing eye is about 110 degrees. This makes it ideal owls hunters. Also, do not forget that the owl perfectly oriented in the dark. Most of these magnificent pictures made in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

Photo by Milan Zygmunt


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