Self-criticism. Do I need it?

Self-criticism is closely intertwined with the love of self, because it's really - it's not taking itself completely. You are constantly what is unhappy in itself, you find a reason to criticize yourself, but much more useful to praise yourself for something useful, what you have done.

If you constantly criticize yourself, others and life, you will need much more time before you learn to accept and love yourself. You have to be patient with myself while you are working hard to make themselves less to criticize. Self-criticism in fact - a habit, not a character trait.
We need to accept yourself for who you are.
Maybe you want to be perfect in all situations? But this is impossible. Have you ever met the ideal or perfect people? No? And I also do not. So why torture yourself if this does not happen. Complaining of someone in everyday life, we do not even suspect that in fact dissatisfied primarily itself.
It follows that it is necessary to listen to him and try to accept yourself such what you are, not to "rip" to others because of personal problems.
Everyone in our lives - a reflection of ourselves, all that is in your close people (whether you like it or not), there is in you. In life, we often just do not want to accept yourself with all your faults, so begin to punish myself for it (overeating, etc.). It's just different ways of self-reproach for his imperfections.
As I wrote previously impossible to achieve perfection in everything and please everyone. So just be herself. And only then can you realize how beautiful you are.

What gives us self-acceptance:

you become more relaxed
much more satisfied with their lives
You feel its uniqueness
you are much more tolerant of others
you begin to understand yourself, your feelings

Now consider that more important to you constantly nag and criticize themselves and others, thereby poisoning their lives and spend the bulk of your energy into empty or to accept yourself and enjoy life and a.
Living in harmony with itself - it is the most amazing that you can think of for a woman. After all, every morning you will wake up with a beautiful and joyful thought that one day you still will be able to spend with your loved one, whom you see in your mirror, to yourself.
When you accept and love yourself, begin to show the best qualities in you have.
You can argue with me that the criticism of the engine of development, but can not say much more effective not to criticize myself and blame and accept yourself for who you are and use their best qualities for the development, to find a better way to achieve your goals and try to express It named after himself. Only then can we find our destiny.
I wish you love and accept yourself. And it is not worth wasting your energy on self-criticism.
Marina Danilova


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