Ten-man earned $ 2.2 million in 20 minutes

Schoolboy rich 2, $ 2 million in just 20 minutes.
As he is able to look ...

Pupil primary school of art rich 2, $ 2 million after they painted pictures were sold at auction for just 20 minutes.

Kieron Williamson, a ten-year, known as the "mini Monet", gained international fame after written landscape on a family holiday five years ago. 23 of his works were sold online to buyers at a price of $ 360,000 in just 20 minutes.

Prices for paintings, written by the young genius, ranging from 3, 5 thousand dollars for a small watercolor, up to 30 thousand dollars for a winter landscape, painted near his home in Norfolk.

The first works Kieron came on the market in the year 2009. Then 19 of his paintings were sold for 36,000 dollars at a private auction. The proceeds from the sale of money allowed Kieron buy a new home for themselves and their parents, as well as to invest in works by other artists, such as English landscape painter LS Lowry.

"Everyone in the art world believe that his work became significantly better compared to last year. The last of the paintings he had written just phenomenal. We do not we press on it. He just draws, when he wants it, "- says 47-year-old art dealer Mark Williamson.

Adrian Hill, gallery manager, who oversaw the sale, said: "I saw his skill increased compared to last year. It seems he rose to a new level ยป.

Starting next year, Kieron stops to attend school and learn to be at home to be able to concentrate on painting. Another dozen of his paintings and watercolors will be on sale this Friday. Bidding will begin with 150 thousand dollars.

Kieron, began drawing when he was not five. It happened on a family holiday in Devon and Cornwall in the year 2008. On most of his paintings depict landscapes around the Norfolk countryside, where he lived all his life, and Cornwall, which is his favorite holiday destination.

Among the admirers boy not only the residents of Albion. At the last auction of his paintings acquired connoisseurs of art from Europe, USA, Japan and Canada. All proceeds from the sale of paintings sent in his own company Kieron Williamson Limited, the directors of which are his parents.


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