Things come up with Jews!

We had a similar selection, only about things that have come up in Russia.
Now let's find out what the Jews invented.

Abraham - "invented" the Jewish nation.

Albert Einstein - Theory of Relativity

Andrew Citron - car "Sitroen»

Isaac Asimov - Three Laws of Robotics

Alexander Luria - neuropsychology

Julius Axelrod - humoral transmitters in the nerve terminals and the mechanism of their storage, release and inactivation

Alexander Samoilov - electrophysiology

Anatol Rapoport - the link between language, thought and action

Abrikosov Alexei-theory of magnetic properties of superconducting alloys ("Abrikosov vortices"), the theory of semi-metals such as bismuth, the theory of spin glasses with short-range, high-temperature superconductivity theory

August Wasserman method for diagnosis of syphilis, which today is still called the reaction Wasserman

Genrikh Altshuller Saulovich - the theory of inventive problem solving.

Baruch (Benedict) Spinoza - ethical philosophy

Betty Friden- feminism

Max Born - quantum mechanics

Andrei Mikhailovich Budker (Gersh Itskovich) - the theory of cyclic accelerators

Boris Rosing - TV

Boris Semenovich Jacobi - motor and electroplating.

Baruch Blamberg- hepatitis B antigen.

Emile Berliner - the phone microphone, a gramophone and a helicopter

Bruno Pontecorvo - neutron logging method for the exploration of oil fields, as well as the method of detecting neutrinos

Niels Henrik David Bohr - the theory of nuclear reactions and energy

Paul Berg - genetic engineering

Hans Albrecht Bethe -open source of stellar energy

Sergey Brin - Gooooogle

Boris Zbarsky (Baer Elievich) - bactericide, Kojima and embalmed Lenin

Willstätter Richard Martin chemical structure of alkaloids, pigments, blood, chlorophyll, enzymes and cocaine. Artificial cocaine

Virgin Mary - 'invented' Jesus Christ

Jews (all together) - one day of rest per week

Then I just keep your hands fall off

Vladimir Khavkin anti-plague and cholera vaccines.
Waxman - antibiotic
Gustav Ludwig Hertz - quantum mechanics
Gregory Pincus - pill
Leopold Godowsky - color photo
Grigory Yavlinsky, the party "Yabloko»
Mikhail I. Gurevich --sovmestno Mikoyan - the MiG-1 (abbreviation of Mikoyan and Gurevich) for conducting air combat at high altitudes.
After improvements fighter under the name of the MiG-3 was widely used at the front
War. After the war, together with Mikoyan Gurevich first designed in
Soviet high-speed jet fighters MiG series - MiG-9 (1945), the MiG-15 (1947), MiG
17 (1949), and the supersonic MiG-19 (1955), the MiG-21
King David - the book of Psalms
James Maxwell - the theory of the electromagnetic field
Josephson - Josephson effect
Selman Waksman - streptomycin - the first effective means to
TB treatment
Freyd- psychoanalysis Sigmund
Yisrael Baal Shem Tov - Hasidism
Jesus Christ and the Apostles - Christianity
Isaac Zinger- sewing machine
Joseph Samuilovich Shklovskiy- modern astrophysics
Isidore Rabi- radiospectroscopy
Gavriil Abramovich Ilizarov - a method of growing bones
Kondratyuk (Shargey) Yuri (Alexander Ignatievich) - basic equation
the rocket
Karl Marx - communism
Christopher Kolumb- America
Kazimiera punk vitamins
Kantorovich Leonid V. - linear programming, one of
founders of the theory of optimal planning and management of the national
economy, the theory of optimal use of raw materials.
Joseph Y. Kotin - heavy tanks KV-2, KV-16, KV-85, EC-1,
IS-2 heavy self-propelled artillery installation of U-152, IMS 152,
ISU-122. Led the development of heavy tanks IS-4, T-10, a floating
PT-76 tank, floating BTR-50P, Logging
KT-12 tractor, wheel tractor K-700, and others.
John Kemeny - BASIC and Internet
Cassin Rainier - Declaration of Human Rights
Clara Zetkin - March 8 (In memory of the feat of Queen Esther, who saved
his people)
Leon Trotsky - the revolution in Russia
Levi Strauss - jeans
Lavochkin (Aizikovich) Semyon - series aircraft La and PAH cruise missile
Gabriel Jonas Lippman - the method of integral photography, photographic method
color reproduction based on the phenomenon of interference
Salvador Luria Eduard - genetics of microorganisms, the genetic structure of the bacteria and
Ludwig Zamenhof - Esperanto.
Lev Landau - theory of superfluidity of helium-2, the theory of condensed matter.
Leonid Cliffs (Vaynsbeyn) - Soviet jazz
Moisey- religion of ethical monotheism and the Bible ...
Otto Meyerhof - biochemistry
Marcel Marceau (Iser Ioselovich) - modern pantomime
Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov - comparative pathology evolutionary embryology,
immunology and microbiology
Moshe Nostradamus - mysterious zaniya
Albert Abraham Michelson - interferometer
Milton Friedman - monetary economics
Matvei Bronstein - quantum theory of gravity.
Michael L. miles - Helicopters series "Mi»
Mintz Aleksandar -a new principle of operation of the accelerator - the use of automatic control parameters according to information from the accelerated
particle beam, which was carried out on a synchrotron beam of protons with an energy of 76
GeV Serpukhov
Norbert Viner- cybernetics
Nudelman Alexander Emmanuilovich - aircraft guns H-23, NA-37,
NA-45 and NA-57.
Tadeusz Reichstein - ascorbic acid
Robert Hofstedter - counters x-ray and gamma-ray
Jack Steinberger - two different types of neutrino and antineutrino - electron and
Samuel Morse - telegraph and Morse code
Tager Paul G. - Soviet sound cinema
Edward Teller - the hydrogen and atomic bomb (and his assistants). At the Gamow -
selection rule in the beta decay.
Theodor Herzl - political Zionism
Leon Theremin - synthesizer (theremin), burglar alarm elektroemkostnogo type.
William Fox - Kinokorporatsiyu "Twentieth Century Fox»
William Stein - structure of ribonuclease.
Ferdinand Cohn - microbiology
Alexander Friedman - modern cosmology and the Big Bang theory
Alexander E. Fersman - geochemistry
Max Factor - the modern cosmetics and makeup
Hyman (Chaim) George Rickover - nuclear submarine
Hevesy George (György) - method "tracer»
Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann - homeopathy
Chaim Weizmann - a new method of production of acetone required for the manufacture of
Emma Goldman - a modern anarchism
Edwin Land - foapparat "Polaroid" and spy eavesdropping system,
Erich Fromm - neo-Freudianism
Edmund Husserl - phenomenology
Edouard Benedictus - bulletproof glass
Rosalyn Yalow CACM - method for determination of insulin in the blood
Emil Kio - a bunch of tricks



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