A small secret of family life

The husband and wife lived together for 60 years. They had no secrets from each other, only one was a secret from his wife. On the top shelf in her closet was a box from under the shoe, where the husband never looked. And it became very old, his wife fell ill, she decided to tell her a secret and asked her husband to bring a box. When my husband brought the box and opened it, inside, he saw two very beautiful crocheted dolls and a stack of money 25 000.
- What is it? - I asked the bewildered husband.
- You know, before our wedding, my beloved grandmother revealed to me the secret of a happy family life. She said: "If you're angry at her husband, then never argue, and go and tie a doll.»
On her husband's eyes filled with tears, because the box was only two dolls.
Then he asked:
- Tell me, what is this money? After all, you do not set them aside from the money that we spend on agriculture?
- I saved them, selling the dolls ...


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