Time zones of the planet

Fact 1. Step length of 3, 5:00
Where: Afghan-Chinese border

Crossing the border, the clock need to be transferred immediately to the 3, 5:00 ahead. In the world there is no longer a place where one step takes so much time.

Fact 2. The sunsets here at midnight
Where: China

China - one of the longest countries in the world: 5700 km from west to east. Before the revolution of 1949 the state was divided into five time zones. But the Great Helmsman decided that it smacks of separatism, and introduced throughout the vast country one time - Beijing. Therefore, for example, in Tibet sunsets "late" for five hours: the sun goes down at midnight.

Fact 3. Land of the Rising Sun
Where: Far East

It is believed that the first in the world the dawn of a new day greeted the Japanese - which is why Japan is called the Land of the rising sun. And absolutely nothing. In the city of Vladivostok (Russian Primorye) morning GMT, comes an hour earlier than in Tokyo.

Fact 4. twisty time
Where: Himalaya

Himalayan mountain range is not in vain considered mystical place. This view is shared not only enlightened sages and philosophers, but common geography. Himalaya cross several countries with different times. As a result, the traveler who chooses to go through all of 1000 km on the ridge to be six times the transfer clock: on the Indo-Nepal border - 15 minutes ahead on the Nepal-India - 15 minutes ago, at the Indo-China - 2, 5:00 forward, on the Sino-Bhutanese - 2 hours ago Bout Indian - another half an hour ago, and the Indo-myanmskoy - forward an hour.

Fact 5. Life without this
Where: Date Line (ATD)

This imaginary line runs in the Pacific Ocean on the 180 th meridian. Crossing the ATD from west to east, you can return to 24 hours ago - in "yesterday", and when moving from east to west to get to the day ahead - in "tomorrow". "This" is ephemeral, like nowhere else on the planet.

Fact 6. From Thursday Wednesday
Where: Ratmanova Islands (Russia) and Krusenstern (USA)

These two pieces of land are separated by just four kilometers away from the sea. On a normal boat ride this distance can be 15-20 minutes. But there it was. Greenwich, the island shared by exactly 21 hours: if the island Ratmanova, say, noon Thursday on the island Krusenstern - three o'clock environment.

Fact 7. Upside Down from England
Where: India

India chose a 5 and a half hours difference from Greenwich. The British know: "If you're in England, turn the clock upside down - see what time it is in India."

Fact 8. Meeting the three zones
Where: The border of Finland, Norway and Russia

In a small village Rayakoski, which is located on the border of the three countries, there are just three time zones: when Russia noon in Finlyadnii - 11 am, and in Norway - 10.

9. The fact that a 15-minute independence
Where: Nepal

Small but proud nation for centuries tried to secede from India, which surrounds it on three sides. To underline its independence, Nepal first "separated" from the formidable neighbor time: arrows transferred to 10 minutes in advance. But this was not enough, and in 1986 the Nepalese monarchy arrogant moved away from India for another 5 minutes.

Fact 10. Universal Time
Where: On the North and South Poles

The North and South poles of all the meridians converge to a point, and they can not be attributed to any time zone. Therefore, it is assumed that there is valid Universal Time (UTC). However, the US Antarctic Amundsen - Scott situated exactly at the South Pole, while operating in New Zealand. since it is carried out flights to the station.


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