Rides guy on the field on a cart. Cow tied to a cart near a dog pants, the birds are singing in the sky, the sun shines, in general - lepota.
At this time the fighter flies over a field with which something is happening, and it explodes directly above the cart.
 Pilot essno, catapulted. Aircraft - apart, the horse with a cow swimming in pools of blood, the dog whining and licking half severed, and the men fucking legs blown off.
 He lies and looks like a pilot meeedlenno way down on the parachute. The pilot descended, coming to a cow and grit:
 "Poor thing, as I have you disfigured, as many horns pootletali, yes, I'll help you.»
 He pulls out a gun and finishes.
Suitable for horses, "Poor thing, what have I done to you, mane tail mixed! Well, I'll help you. "He pulls out a gun and finishes.
Suitable to the dog: "Poor thing, how is it that you ripped in half, well, I'll help you." He pulls out a gun and finishes.
 A man, seeing such a turn, pushes his legs under his arm torn off, and crawled out of the way sentences:
 - Lord! How can I zae%: Subscribe!


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