Images, born in delirium on the lessons at school

Often began to appear on Yap school toys, crafts and paintings. Cute, touching, catching up memories ... But somehow it's simple. Those who would like tin, but tired of all sorts of acts of terrorism, floods, earthquakes, aviakatostrofe school addressed these figures slightly different plan.
Interval creation: 5-10 classes.
Dirty porn, abuse, sadism, inhumane attitude to everything, dismemberment, chernukha, hatred in any combination and good for nothing. Up to 18, and not to look nervous and angry.

Let's go!

Something is not strongly associated with Halloween


Happy Farmer

Looks like they love

Just every


In general, the meaning of all, if the picture strangely no debilizma members and it is necessary to finish

Or so

More elephant

If dorisovyvat laziness, it is necessary to complete the same member

Vegetarians dedicated

Heroes all children of those years


Often someone one had to be a hero paranoid scenes authors

Or so

Or so

Even so

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Or even like this

Or even like this

Well, a couple of classmates

And this

And that's in addition birdie

Here are just a mouse

And two

Here oktyabrёnok

And all that incomprehensible

And so

And so

Or so

While all. If there umm ... connoisseurs, the naskanyu more. There are comics.
Particularly desperate avatars can make yourself.



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