Infinity of the universe

The theory of infinite nesting of matter (fractal theory) - as opposed to atomism, alternative philosophical, physical and cosmological theory is not included in the standard academic science. The theory of infinite nesting of matter is based on inductive inferences about the structure of the observable universe. Metaphysical school studying this theory focuses on the fundamental organizational principles of nature and calls the concept discrete fractal paradigm. This paradigm emphasizes the hierarchical organization of systems of nature, from the smallest observed elementary particles - to the largest visible clusters of galaxies. She also highlights the fact that the global nature of the hierarchy is discrete; highlights nuclear, star and galactic levels. The third important principle of fractal paradigm - is that the cosmological levels are strictly self-similar, so that for each class of objects or phenomena in this scale level there is a similar class of objects or phenomena in any other cosmological level. Self-similar analogues of objects and phenomena of different levels have identical morphology, kinematics and dynamics.


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