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You know that in teleloterey (such as the famous "Russian lotto", "Golden Key", for example), progress is not in place? For the past year, as you can buy their tickets electronically, via the Internet. You can pay by bank transfer, WebMoney Yandex.Money, MoneyMail, and other means of payment. Ticketing services provide Online bingo site.

By the way, via the Internet in the Russian National Lottery now play even more profitable than conventional stalls - a site for players regularly held various actions with additional prizes and bonuses are distributed (for example, now offers two - on the first payment, and payment through Yandex)

Russian Lotto
The well-known lottery, in which people have long and regularly win big prizes. Since the new year, apart from the usual ticket for 50 rubles were cheaper - at 30.
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Online bingo
The new lottery, which has undeniable advantages: 1. The share of the prize fund is higher than in others; 2. The main prize is played only among Internet players. One player recently won a trip to Egypt for two in the next draw played out a digital video camera.
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Golden Key
In this constantly played the lottery apartments in Moscow, but also - to date, it offers the biggest jackpot - more than 14, 000, 000 rubles.
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Bingo Million
Until recently, this lottery called "TV Bingo Show". Regularly played attractive prizes - for example, in the next draw - a lot of cars. At the same time, Bingo offers the cheapest lottery tickets - 25 rublley.
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