Old Moscow

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Gorky Park. Gorky. Pushkin embankment. Top left Neskuchniy garden.

Kaluga highway (for those who have no clue - now it's Leninsky Prospekt). View of the Crimean bridge.

View of the Gorky Park. Gorky aircraft.

B. Kaluga Street. Well, she's Leninsky Prospekt.

It's an old photograph. Crimean bridge.

Quay district. Jauza. Before reconstruction.

Sq. Tverskaya Zastava and the Leningrad highway. 1930 year.

MSU. View of the Sparrow Hills. The photo was in this form, but it must be mnekazhetsya otzerkalirovat the other way, otherwise the church ryadomso observation deck on the wrong side.

MSU again.

Library Neskuchnii garden. When I was next to the school, she has worked as a reading room. Now no idea.

St. Serafimovicha. Now here is the Seventh Continent, to the left of the K / T impactor and the right of the house revolves three-beam star.

Hotel Moscow.

Big Kaluga street. 1946. Fence on the opposite side mezhdudomami does not exist anymore. Immediately behind the houses - Boring garden.

There's also a little closer to the center. Somewhere in the distance behind the houses in the school where I was studying. Former 44, 1263.

Lenin Library.

Kaluga highway. Once it was entering the city. Now it Gagarin Square.


Observation, or "smotryachok" on biker slang. Now, one of the places in the city samyhtusovochnyh. There are going to strireysery and motobaykery vogromneyshih quantities. Date of photographs allegedly 68-72 god.Vdali are seen at home on Mosfilm street, and down goes odnaedinstvennaya track with lighting. Trees still absolutely worth malenkie.Poseredine Stella, about which no one heard.

Gagarin Square. House on the right is still under construction. The photo was glued into a panorama paper method :)

And here suggest guess together. This Kaluga street, avenue t.e.Leninsky. Photos in the direction of the field. Feeling that vdalividneetsya first Gradskaya.

Luzhniki, view from Sparrow Hills. How little was then vegetation.

Ibid. On the left looks like landing a big ski jump. A photo made from Namesti, now a ski slope and kreselnyypodemnik left.

Houses on Frunze Embankment. Photos from the waterfront dull garden. I propose to find this tree.

Pushkin Square. McDonald's somewhere near :)

View of the Garden Ring of m. Treasury alley. This area m. Kursk.

Park them. Gorky. Arbour think is known to many. Notice how narodrassekaet on wooden boats, together with the river buses.

Old Ryad. Too old photograph.

Bolshoi Theatre. Note that, as before the movement was organized in the center.

High-rise building on Krasnopresnenskaya during construction.


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