The winner of the Mille Miglia 1955 Mercedes MB 300 SLR (11 photos)

In 1955 there was a sensation Mille Miglia Mercedes MB 300 SLR Stirling Moss with the crew - Denis Jenkinson, leaving no chance of competitors by a wide margin won first place.

02. Its engine developed capacity of up to 296 hp and a top speed of measurement showed 284 km / h.

03. On the road, this model Mille broke the record for average speed, which amounted to 157, 650 km / h.

04. And another innovation was made in the race: the first time the pilot and navigator were previously made description of all the features of the tracks on "roll card" written on a scroll 5 meters long and placed on rollers in a box. Thus the appearance of the road navigational maps also proved historically associated with the brand Mercedes.


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