Renntech Performance PKG2 presented a package for the Mercedes SLR

Renntech released the latest Performance PKG2 for SLR

A year ago, the company introduced its own Renntech tuning package Performance PKG1 for the Mercedes SLR, incorporating improved intercooler, extended crankshaft pulley, and providing for the reprogramming of electronic engine control unit, which brings the power of this already extreme sports car to 722 hp

How to tell the developers, based on the requirements of customers, the company has released the newest Renntech Performance PKG2 for SLR, consisting of elements of sport exhaust system, and the next upgrade electronic filling the engine control unit, which will give the Mercedes SLR power at 740 hp at 6400 revolutions / min.

Tuning kit worth $ 26,990 and includes a stylish new 10-spoke wheels Renntech Signature, through which the car becomes more stable when driving at high speed.


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