I'm old-fashioned.

I believe that a man must yield to me a place in the transport, even if I'm not pregnant and without a huge package. Yes, he should open the door in front of me and give me a hand when I get out of the bus, even if we do not know and will never know. I - a woman, and therefore I am weak.
I'm old-fashioned.
I'm sure that a man should pay for me in the restaurant or in the movies - and I should not even be a question, and who pays today.
I'm old-fashioned.
I think that a man should take care of me - to ask if I was wearing a warm scarf and I forgot to eat.

If I meet a man - so I see it as my future husband and father of their children. Yes, he should call me to marry if our relationship is really serious, and introduce me to his parents, a dog and best friend.

I believe that to cook, wash clothes and iron a shirt my man - my historic responsibility, and I think this is a true woman's happiness - take care of your man.

I believe that a man must be rough, bold and strong. So that I can be gentle weak coward, which is so nice to take care of. And even if I'm strong, I must be weak.

I think we should be honest with each other. We are together, and so we should respect each other and respect their choice.

I do not go to sleep if it is delayed from work, fishing or football. I'll be waiting by the window and warm dinner, as he climbs the stairs.

I want to look good for him that he appreciated and thought what I had beautiful. So I spend and will spend so much effort to please him.

I'm old-fashioned.
I only want to be his woman, and draw more. Yesterday, today and forever. Even if his exiled into exile and called enemy of the people.


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